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Gifts and Decor

Needlepoint Key Fob


Needlepoint Key Fob


These needlepoint key fobs from Smathers and Branson are hand stitched by artisans in Vietnam. Not only are these key fobs a classic, unique gift to give someone, this cottage industry is also making a difference in hundreds of lives, enabling men and women to work from home in their villages, instead of having to go to work in a factory in a city. This allows them to still be a part of their family's rice harvests, and continue to be part of their extended community. So pick up a few today! You will be impressed by the quality of the work!

From left to right, starting at the top and going down: Cubs, Flamingos, Chicago Blackhawks, Bee, American Flag, Classic Wagon, Seersucker Stripe, Golden Retriever, Patriotic stripe.

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